Where You Can Find The Best Pizza in Hanford
July 03, 2019

Where You Can Find The Best Pizza in Hanford

Pizza is one of the tastiest and most convenient foods out there. Having a last-minute party? Need a fun, relaxed place to watch the game? Want something tasty for your movie night? Then pizza is your answer. Locally owned and operated pizza restaurants near our Hanford apartments are ready and waiting to take your order.

Bring your cravings and an empty stomach!

Mountain Mike's Pizza

Aiming to serve the "freshest and finest ingredients," Mountain Mike's Pizza boasts being a great spot for sports fans. If you're a fan of curly, crispy pepperonis, then this is the place for you as well. With patrons of the restaurant featured on their Instagram, it is not only clear that they care about their customers and their community, but that residents of Hanford love their food.

Round Table Pizza

Equally a fan favorite, Round Table Pizza, started in 1959, and still uses many of its original recipes. They aim to honor their delicious past while still "boldly stepping into the present." With their gourmet pizza, wings, and their own take on garlic bread called Twists, this restaurant offers quality food in a fun and casual environment.

Fatte Alberts Pizza Company

Fun names aside, Fatte Alberts Pizza Company is a great place for a night out, offering the "largest selection of craft beers in Kings County." This lively restaurant has weekly games of trivia and even has the 28" Fatte pizza, claiming to be central California's biggest pizza. Family owned by Steve, Wendy, and their four children, this fun-loving restaurant seems to never disappoint.

If you are interested in moving to Hanford, where there is no shortage of good pizza, River Oaks offers a retreat-style setting in a vibrant and fun area. For more information or for any questions, feel free to contact us.