Test Your Sleuthing Skills at Lemoore Labyrinth
December 06, 2018

Test Your Sleuthing Skills at Lemoore Labyrinth

If you are looking for a unique way to spend your weekend, why not grab a few friends or family members and visit Lemoore Labyrinth? Only a short drive away from our Hanford apartments , this is a great place to have your own adventure story as well as an unforgettable team-bonding experience unlike any other.

About Lemoore Labyrinth

Started by a Navy veteran and a radio host, Lemoore Labyrinth aims to bring exciting escape room games to the area for everyone to enjoy.

For those who are not familiar, an escape room is a game that involves participants solving a complex set of puzzles in an enclosed space. In order to win and escape the room, all of the tasks must be completed and a reward will be revealed at the end. The reward can be a key or another hidden object that you had been asked to find. Either way, escape rooms are a whole lot of fun for those who enjoy strategy games and teamwork.

Lemoore Labyrinth offers three different rooms with special themes: Diamond Heist, Porch Pirates, and Zombie Outbreak. Each of them comes with an adventurous backstory that will make you feel as though you and your team are a group of protagonists in a Hollywood movie. They are all quite great in their own way, so it is simply up to you to pick the story that interests you the most.

Book A Room Now

At Lemoore Labyrinth, the price per person starts $22.50, although it can change depending on the room and the day (for example, if you visit on a weekday you will pay less than on a busy weekend).

Moreover, each room can accommodate eight participants, but if your group is small you could end up playing with a few strangers who have booked the remaining spots. This is actually a very good way to meet people and make friends, so if you are not too shy, we recommend playing like this. However, you are welcome to pay extra to book a whole room just for your group if you would prefer to do that instead.

This is just one example of the many fun activities available to residents of River Oaks Apartments. Please contact us to learn more about living in our community.