Visit Raven's Deli for Delicious Sandwiches in Hanford
November 21, 2018

Visit Raven's Deli for Delicious Sandwiches in Hanford

Just minutes away from River Oaks Apartments is a locally owned and operated eatery that focuses on serving up great sandwiches, BBQ plates, and breakfast favorites. With a storefront that offers up house-made beef jerky and a deli-style restaurant all in one building, Raven's Deli is a must-visit in the Hanford area.

Diner-Style Food

Raven's Diner smokes all the meat for their sandwiches and BBQ plates in-house, using a proprietary blend of seasonings and spices. Their breakfast menu includes such classics as the deep pit turkey and egg burrito, ham and egg burrito, and the savory linguica and egg burrito. For lunch, enjoy a spicy chicken burger or deep pit beef sandwich, piled high with toppings and condiments from the toppings bar. Their BBQ plates are available year-round, but frequently sell out early in the day due to high demand - so get your order in early! The homestyle atmosphere will charm you from the minute you set foot inside, and the friendly service will ensure that you want to visit again and again.

Famous Beef Jerky

Raven's beef jerky is sold at stores throughout California and has gained popularity for the deep, rich flavor and chewy texture. High in protein and perfectly portable, beef jerky is an ideal snack to take with you on road trips, vacations, or just to keep on hand at home for a delicious, easy snack. When you come into Raven's Diner for breakfast or lunch, make sure to pick up some beef jerky to take with you, in tempting flavors like Western barbeque, jalapeno lime, or teriyaki. You can also order jerky on Raven's website, to ensure you never run out of your favorite flavor!

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