Step Inside The Hanford Carriage Museum
November 08, 2018

Step Inside The Hanford Carriage Museum

If you are interested in learning more about our community's history, or are just looking for a fun weekend activity, you should check out the many offerings at the Hanford Carriage Museum, conveniently located not far from our Hanford apartments.


The museum offers several interesting displays about local historical events and people. These exhibits include topics like Amelia Earhart and her friendship with a local woman, how Hanford got its name, and the infamous Mussel Slough Tragedy which left seven people dead in a dispute over railroad rights in the 1880s.

Walking Tours

In addition to their exhibits the museum offers opportunities to get out and explore historic Hanford on guided walking tours. The first tour, "Hanford's Beginnings" explores the foundation of the town, and the influence of English speaking people on its development. The second tour, "Turn of the Century" explores Hanford at the turn of the last century, with stops in the historical Sheriff's Office and Jail, the Irwin Street Inn, and Superior Dairy, a perfect place to grab some ice cream or a sandwich. The final tour offered by the museum is the "Historical Buildings, Museums and Art" which takes you through The King's Art Center, the Taoist Temple in China Alley, and The Carriage Museum itself. Arrangements for these tours can be made by contacting the museum directly.


In addition to its permanent exhibits and the guided walking tours, the Carriage Museum offers local and community events. More information can be found on their Facebook event page.

Your Events

If you are planning to host a wedding, anniversary party or other large event, you can also make arrangements to rent out the Alice Hall Memorial Gardens outside the museum. More information about event rentals can be found here.

So, whether you are interested in the history of our community or just fun and exciting events, there is a lot to do at the Hanford Carriage Museum and in historic Hanford. And remember, our community is right around the corner from all these fun activities. To learn more about our apartments or our community, contact us today.