The Best Parks in Hanford, CA
August 16, 2018

The Best Parks in Hanford, CA

Hanford was a prominent trading town in its early years, that was founded near railways as they were being laid. Hanford has grown since then, and its parks are definitely worth visiting for a variety of reasons. Here are just a few of the parks to add to your summer to-do list near our Hanford apartments.

Hidden Valley Park

Hidden Valley Park has been host to weddings and is known to be a great location for events. It has a pond and creek with cute ducks, a small water park for children to play in, and a gazebo among its structures. The park also has a dog park for your beloved pets and a volleyball court for recreation. This park is perfect for a calm stroll watching the ducks, a family BBQ on the park's shaded tables, or an active visit playing volleyball or soccer. The scenery is more than adequate for picture taking, and making memories with loved ones.

Centennial Park

Centennial Park has more features for the sporty type, hosting baseball fields, running track, tennis courts, disc golf course, and basketball courts. It is clear that a resident of Hanford should have no concerns for not having the proper facilities for their favorite sport or recreation. This park also supports a dog park and child's playground, including water fountains. This is a great park to frequent with friends or family, and is known to be in a great area.

Freedom Park

Freedom Park is the largest on this list, and is well reviewed. This park shares similar amenities with the other parks with its playgrounds, water fountain, dog park, and disc golf course. In addition, Freedom Park has a mini theater/multiple pavilions. It is a strong park for events and is a great park to visit for a cardio or a calisthenics-focused workout.

If you're looking to elevate your park experience with healthy sips, step into one of Hanford's many juice/smoothie shops featured here.

It is clear that Hanford's Parks and Recreation department has a passion for their parks, with each park not only being a beautiful part of the city, but each holding multiple features to accommodate visitors with different needs. To be active, celebrate with family, or simply enjoy nature's scenery, the parks of Hanford are loved by residents and visitors alike. If you're interested in moving to Hanford contact us for more information.